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The Law Office of Albert A. Myers, III PC located in Green Street is a full service law firm providing knowledgeable representation in East Metro Atlanta. Our Conyers Law firm specializes in Criminal Defense, Family Law, Personal Injury, as well as Wills & Estates.

What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

The legal system can be rather complicated, meaning that most people will need someone with the right expertise and experience on their side in order to ensure the best outcomes from their encounters with the law. Call The Law Office of Albert A. Myers, III PC today for the legal service you deserve.

If you are in Conyers, Loganville, Monroe or Covington, if you have been accused of a DUI or something else, you want to be represented by a criminal defense attorney because the potential consequences are so serious that you don't want to take chances with the process whatsoever.

Family Matters to The Law Office of Albert A. Myers, III PC

Families and law are individually complex. But when families need to deal with legal issues, the combination can be even more overwhelming. It's good to know that there are specific laws that cover all aspects regarding families.

Having an attorney that specializes in family law can help ease stress and ensure the best outcome for both parties. Remember divorces or child and spousal support are not the only things covered under Family Law.

Personal Injury Law

You have the right to be compensated when someone else's action causes harm to you. The Law Office of Albert A. Myers, III PC, located in Conyers, GA specializes only in personal injury.

An injury caused by someone else can create more than just short term pain. It can have a lasting effect on how you live your life and enjoy the things you do. Everyone has the right to live a high quality lifestyle and our team of legal experts will ensure you get the payout you deserve.

Wills and Estates

Our Conyers law firm specializes in providing individuals and families with comprehensive estate planning services. We will thoroughly work with you to consider your goals and estate planning options.

Planning ahead provides time to carefully consider and review your initial estate decisions and to create tailored plans that preempt any disputes within the people most close to you.

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We provide legal service to the following (but not limited to) counties:
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